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The Development Trend Of The Global Plastic Auxiliary Machinery Industry
Apr 12, 2018

With the continuous expansion of plastics application fields, the high productivity, precision, and energy saving of plastic processing equipment have become an important direction for market development. In these processing processes, the addition of conventional mainframes such as extruders, injection molding machines, etc., addition systems, dehumidifying and drying systems, heating and cooling systems, control systems, traction coiling systems, cutting systems, and robot systems are becoming increasingly important. It plays an important role and becomes an indispensable technical tool in the processing process in many areas. The

In summary, the current development of auxiliary equipment technology shows the following characteristics:

The importance of auxiliary equipment in the production process has increased, especially in the production process of various high-performance, high-precision, and high-efficiency products. The auxiliary equipment plays an indispensable role. The

In many fields, the distinction between auxiliary equipment suppliers and host suppliers is getting more and more difficult. The two parties are infiltrating each other. Some auxiliary equipment companies have increased their technological and economic strength and started to develop into host areas. The host companies have also started to provide supporting control systems. , important supporting auxiliary machinery and other aspects to strengthen their own services and supporting capabilities. The

Control technology, robotics, on-site management, remote services and other technologies outside the host itself are gradually becoming an important direction for plastics machinery innovation; the functional guarantee of auxiliary equipment to the host is playing an increasingly important role; host manufacturers put these corresponding technologies The development is seen as an important means to increase competitiveness.

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