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Injection Molding Machine Maintenance Precautions
Apr 12, 2018

Maintenance Notes:

(1). Non-professional maintenance personnel or without the permission of professional maintenance personnel, can not be demolished and repaired on their own.

(2). Small failures in the production process, and adjustment personnel can be resolved according to the situation. Such as: 2.1 Into the glue stick mold: The use of copper needle knocked out at the feed mouth, can not use steel needles and other hard objects hit the mold. 2.2 mold cavity slightly mold marks, according to the cavity finish selected polishing materials. Patterned surface can not use sandpaper and other polishing materials, generally with copper brush, diamond paste or diamond emery mortar scrub, completed by professional maintenance personnel. 2.3 Product Tacking: Generally used hot plastic coated products and ejected parts, to be ejected after cooling. If you use fire, take care not to damage the mold surface.

(3) When professionals repair molds, they are not allowed to change the structure at will, and the structure needs to be changed before it can be carried out by the quality engineering department.

(4). To ensure the quality of maintenance, select the appropriate equipment, materials, tools and methods to solve the problem, to complete the fastest.

Quality Records:

1. Injection molding machine and mold maintenance record form.

I. Purpose: To standardize the use and maintenance of plastic injection molds, reduce the damage of molds, and ensure that the quality of production meets customer needs.

II. Responsibilities: This standard must be implemented through the training of qualified injection molding technicians 2.2 injection foreman responsible for the implementation and inspection supervision, supervisors regularly supervised.

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