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What are the solutions to the bubble phenomenon in the injection molding process
Apr 12, 2018

According to the causes of bubbles, we have the following solutions:

1. When the wall thickness of an injection molding machine is large, the outer surface of the product cools faster than the center, so when the injection molding machine cools down, the plastic resin in the center expands toward the surface while shrinking. This leads to insufficient filling of the center. In this case, the vacuum bubble solution will be called:

a. We will determine the gate size and sprue size of the injection molding machine based on the thickness of the thin wall.

b. Up to the gate seal, make sure to have additional injection material.

c. The injection time should be longer than the gate seal time.

d. Reduce the injection speed and increase the injection pressure.

e. Use a material with a high melt viscosity rating. The

2. Because the product itself has a gas bubble caused by the volatile gas, we mainly solve the following methods:

a. Fully dry.

b. In order to avoid decomposition gas generated during the injection molding process, the resin temperature needs to be lowered.

3. Bubbles caused by poor fluidity can be solved by increasing the temperature of the resin and mold and increasing the injection speed.

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