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The three advantages of servo energy saving in injection molding machine
Apr 12, 2018

Power: In the servo injection molding machine, the servo motor is changed according to the energy demand of the injection molding machine, but the speed and torque of the three-phase AC induction motor are constant, and the output power of the motor is equivalent to the torque and the rotation speed. So as to achieve the effect of energy saving. In addition, the ferromagnetic material generated by the servo motor itself in the magnetic field is generated by itself; and the magnetic field of the AC asynchronous motor is consumed by the alternating current generated by the stator of the motor (estimated approximately). Therefore, energy conservation is a feature of servo energy-saving injection molding machines.

Precision: Because the servo injection molding machine uses a pressure sensor, the control system can be controlled in real time through the feedback signal of the constant pressure sensor, achieving rapid and accurate double closed-loop control of pressure and flow in each stage. Improve the repeatability of the product. The traditional injection molding machine is open loop control accuracy will be relatively low.

High efficiency: Because the response speed of the servo motor is very fast, the rated speed is only a millisecond difference.

Injection molding machines are mainly plastic production equipment, and energy waste is very serious. However, because of the high cost of electricity, electrical energy occupies a large proportion in production costs. With the intensification of market competition, companies have taken measures to save energy and strive to reduce production costs, thereby increasing market competitiveness. We have customized products based on the power of motors, the speed of injection molding machine users, the pump displacement and pressure system, To meet the specifications of all injection molding machines.

The installation process of the servo is the same as that of the ordinary machine. It is more convenient and simpler. Now it is welcomed by the majority of enterprises in the plastics industry. No matter it responds to the national energy-saving emission reduction and energy-saving call, it also brings considerable economic benefits. And the product is beautiful and durable, energy saving and environmental protection, it can be based on different injection products to achieve energy-saving rate. This is the most ideal product for the energy-saving transformation of injection molding machines and injection molding machines.

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