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Opportunities and Challenges for the Injection Molding Machine Industry
Apr 12, 2018

Since China's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the foreign machinery manufacturing industry has begun a rapid transfer to China. Some well-known injection molding machine companies in the world have successively "arronted" in China, and some even further established in China. Technology Center. The incorporation of foreign injection molding machine manufacturers has brought vitality to the development of the Chinese injection molding machine industry. At the same time, it has also made Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers full of opportunities and challenges.

With the widespread use of injection molding products in daily life, the plastic injection mold industry is rapidly developing. However, because of the information age, injection mold manufacturing also has a new model. This will greatly increase the production efficiency of the injection mold industry. At present, China's injection molding machines have had relatively rapid development in terms of quality. However, most of the company's technology levels still have a certain gap compared with foreign advanced technologies.

The advantages of the all-electric injection molding machine are mainly in the aspects of environmental protection and energy saving, because the precision of the servo motor injection control is higher, the rotation speed is stable, and it can also be adjusted in multiple stages. However, all-electric injection molding machines use less life than full-hydraulic injection molding machines. There is a new type of injection molding machine that integrates hydraulic and electric drive and incorporates a fully hydraulic injection molding machine. High-performance and all-electric energy-saving advantages, such a composite injection molding machine has become the development direction of injection molding machine technology.

In today's society, the injection molding machine industry is facing an opportunity for development, that is, we need to pay attention to and solve the most urgent problems now: design and manufacture a new generation of energy-saving injection molding machines. Because in the production cost of injection molding products, we are based on the needs of the injection molding machine equipment process, so the oil pump motor in the injection molding machine is extremely potential for energy saving.

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