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How to reduce black spots in plastic injection molding during plastic molding
Apr 12, 2018

Debris in plastic materials, dryness is not very good, mixed with other raw materials and other aspects will cause black spots, this staff only need to pay attention, try to avoid the above situation on it. What we need to pay more attention to is the molding machine, a wear and residue of the three-piece screw. We don't have much to say about molding conditions. If this is the case, operators can make adjustments by tuning. However, in the aspect of the mold, attention should be paid to the two aspects of exhaust and cleaning. Especially in the actual work experience, the environment surrounding the injection molding machine and the problems of the operator are easily overlooked. This has a big impact on plastic products in real life. Of course, the injection molding machine will certainly not have only one source of black spots in plastic molding. This is generally caused by the superposition of multiple factors. As a result, we now generally know that these major factors that may cause black spots in the plastic molding process, we only need to improve the source of these black spots to observe the ultimate effect!

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