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How to improve the efficiency of the injection molding machine
Apr 12, 2018

Clamping is generally divided into four stages: fast mold clamping, slow mold closing, low pressure mold protection and high pressure mold clamping. The injection starts only after the high-pressure mode-locking is completed. It can also be divided into many segments. The molten plastic fills the cavity during injection. When the cavity is filled, the pressure rises, so the end of the injection can also be called the extrusion section. If we control it improperly, the resulting product will produce some burrs.

The hold pressure starts after the injection is completed. In fact, the cooling is started only after the cavity is filled, that is to say, from the holding pressure. When the mold cools, the product will contract with cold air. The function of holding pressure is generally the holding pressure lower than the injection pressure, and the recess formed by the shrinkage is filled so that the product does not have a dent during mold release.

When the product is solidified through a cold runner, it does not make sense if we go back to hold the pressure. This time, the pressure can be stopped. Injection molding machine pressure can be divided into many segments, we generally divided by time, and the pressure of each segment will be different. The general total dwell time is determined by the weight of the scale product or from the product without dents. In the beginning, from the short dwell time, the injection molding machine will increase the dwell time for each injection, until the weight of the product no longer increases, and the dwell time will not need to be increased.

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